Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Image of God

We exist in life bearing the image of God.  Often it is easy to feel that this person is important in this way or that. It is true that in worldly things some people are more important than others.

But in spiritual things we are all image bearers of God.  It is tempting often in spiritual things to feel there are certain people which have more to offer to the church.  I suppose this is true in some respect as some people are more faithful to living the Christian life based on biblical truth.

But often in practicality the church misses who is important in the church.  I have met many figures in the church who are supposedly of great importance.  I have found some of them to be very heavenly minded and wise, and I have found some to be more earthly minded than many elderly Christians I can find in any local church.

The reality is that people often judge by appearance.  You will find that appearance is often wrong in spiritual things.  You cannot judge a person's faith in a few moments.  You may be able to judge a person's eloquence in speech and various natural abilities very quickly, but it is very rare to find people who can discern others' spiritually very quickly.

Always we should attempt to view all people as equally important to the plans of God.  The more we prioritize this or that person as important or less important to the plans of God, the less we understand the nature of God and his work in the world.
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