Saturday, August 15, 2015

God Seeks Fellowship

Many critics of Christianity make it seem that God is standoffish and does not wish for the good of mankind. The bible shows that the Christian God far from being standoffish is constantly active in pursuing fallen mankind with the offer of reconciliation.

God is not disinterested in the problems of mankind. God has constant and active interest bringing people into true joy. The true joy of mankind can only be found in right relation to God.

God actively offers salvation to all. He is active with the offer. It is we who are standoffish.

The charges of ill will that mankind often levels against God are baseless. The only base of the charges is that it is true that there is ill will, but the ill will comes from the accusers who do not wish to see the true nature of God.

The gospel shows that the son of God laid down his life for his enemies. That is the nature of God.
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