Saturday, August 22, 2015

Living Like we Judge Jesus

Often we can be guilty of living like we judge Jesus. We are too concerned with who we associate with. We are too concerned with righteousness to follow the will of God.

The reality it is how we live and why we live the way we live. We need to have more concern with reaching out into the world.

We often overthink living out our faith. We are called to live a life of love.

If we have all things, but lack love we have nothing. Love is an active power. We cannot live out love if we do not interact with others seeking their good.

True Christian love is difficult. We will find that at times we may be judged for being too willing to associate with the wrong crowd.

Jesus too was accused of associating with the wrong crowd. We often cannot please everyone in life.

We must always seek to live out our faith before God and realize that often others will not understand. If we are well respected by all people we have probably failed to fully live out our faith.
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