Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Continuity of Righteousness

True righteousness is a state of living.  Often righteousness seems like doing big things in the moment.  We hear of large philanthropic donation or a large project.

We begin to think of righteousness in these terms.  True righteousness may include these things, but it also requires that we live consistently in a state of righteousness.

True righteousness does not rest at doing a few big things for God and then settle on that all else is irrelevant.  God is lord over all creation.

Righteous living requires that we give our whole life to God.  We tend to think in "large successes" when we should often think in terms of "continued faithfulness."

Doing large things for God is fine as long as we are determined to be continually faithful.  Doing large things can never be a replacement for continued faithfulness to God.
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