Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Philosophy Class Discussion of the Problem of Evil

We spent a whole class period in Philosphy discussing the problem of evil.  How can we preserve God's forknowledge without ascribing evil to him.  The problem has always bothered me but after class I nailed it down in such a way that I feel it will never bother me again.

God is all knowing and forknows all history.  To toss these things aside would violate scripture's message.  Just because I do not see how the two can fit together does not affect my faith that the two are in harmony.  I will have faith that these two fit together even if they do not seem to.  I shall believe so that one day I shall understand.  If you look at good Christian theology by good Christain theologians you will find that much of it ends in mystery.  The trinity is the perfect example of this.   When the infinite meets the limited mystery naturally occurs.  It is a terrible mistake in theology to use reason to try to explain away mystery.

As Kierkegaard says we never get farther than faith.
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