Friday, February 25, 2005

Four Questions for Testing Theologies

Lately my critique of any theology has boiled down to four questions I ask:

1) Is the glory of God maximized?
2) Is the wretchedness of man maximized?
3) Is God's incredible fatherly love demonstrated while showing 1 and 2?
4) Does the theologian avoid squirming?

The only one needing explanation is the squirming. Theologians squirm when they become nitpicky about the meaning of words to explain away meaning. They squirm when they impose their emotions on events. They squirm when they refuse to allow God to take responsibility for his own actions. Squirming takes place in a wide variety of forms every time I see it I hate the theology coming along with it.

I’m sure there are other criteria needed to analyze how good theology is but for me I find these four very helpful.
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