Monday, August 29, 2005

What Is Heaven?

I would like to suggest heaven is not so much of a place as it is a relationship.  When you are in love your heart urns to understand the beautiful complexities of you love.  The great thing about heaven is that God is infinitely more beautiful in all of his excellencies than any person is.  Relationships grow deeper over time, especially ones aided by God dwelling in you and working on your heart.  So relationships should always get better and better in an idea world.  On earth they don’t necessarily, but there is nothing to stop it in heaven.  In heaven we will understand what true intimacy is as we feast our eyes on God’s glory.  God is beautiful and infinite.  So all of eternity will only get better and better as we are able to see more clearly what God looks like.  Creation will only become more and more interesting as we know more about God because we will see his glories displayed more clearly in it.  As we study creation in more and more depth we will only be able to marvel more and more at God’s infinite wisdom.  Heaven is about the intimacy of the one relationship that we were meant for. Human intimacy (as found in marriage) is only a foretaste of what our relationship with God will be like in heaven. Human marriage is a finite and sin corrupted image of a relationship that infinite and perfect relationship in heaven.
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