Thursday, September 1, 2005

God's Chief End Is to Glorify God and Enjoy Himself Forever

God's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy himself forever.

God does all things for his namesake.  The problem with people believing this is not that the bible does not speak of it, but that we as humans hate the of self glorification.  We find great displeasure in people who seek and demand that we praise them. But, should we feel this way toward God?  If God is the essence of beauty, then he does something beautiful, when he demands to have all of our hearts love .  God's desire to be glorified in all aspects of our lives is what brings him glory and it brings us our pleasure.  If God's good plan is to delight in himself then his plan is fulfilled in worship fulfilled saints.  He does not commit idolatry by being pleased in their praise as he is delighting in his own excellences that he sees in them.  The Father delights in these excellences that he has brought about in them through the work of his Spirit, paid for by the blood of his Son, and that He by His good pleasure brings to pass.  So when God glorifies himself in our lives he takes joy in himself.  This is the most loving thing he can do because our joy in God is routed in his ever overflowing delight in himself.  We become beneficiaries of this delight as we seek to glorify God by enjoying him forever.
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