Thursday, September 21, 2006

Martyn Lloyd-Jones Quote on the Fall

A Bit from Martyn Lloyd-Jones, that I liked, on the Fall:

“You know the final tragedy is due to the fact that man turns away from God, instead of turning to him in his trouble and misery.  In his folly man has put his own ideas in the place of God’s and thought nothing of this idea of judgment; but when he begins to awake to the knowledge that something is wrong – when he hears the voice of God – then his instinct is to get away from him.  This is the greatest tragedy of all.  When man fell, when he began to feel he had done wrong and was filled with this sense of unworthiness, why was it that he did not seek God and make a friend of him?  If only he had gone to God!  If only he had cried ‘God, I realize my folly, I have sinned against thee; I acknowledge it, wilt thou pardon me?’ But no, once he had sinned he went away from God and when God called him his instinct was to go still further.  That is the ultimate tragedy of man, that in the debts of his need and misery and same he avoids the only One who can really help him.”

Old Testament Evangelistic Sermons (pg 9)
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