Sunday, November 1, 2009


“You have three possibilities in relation to missions. You can be a goer, you can be a sender, or you can be disobedient.” – John Piper

Jesus asks the church to go out and make disciples of every tribe and nation. If we think we can opt-out of the great commission we are being disobedient.

If we seriously take the bibles teachings on heaven and hell seriously how can we not feel compassion enough to either be a goer or sender for missions?

A lot of people act casually about the Gospel as if God does not have a will that it be spread. Or they assume it is somehow their churches job only to spread the gospel as if they are not part of the process.

We all have opportunities around us. If we are looking. Of course we will only look for opportunities if we wish to be faithful to God.

Often people see no opportunities, but the reality is they have closed themselves off the the will of God. God has opportunities for those who wish to live by faith.
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