Monday, April 29, 2013

Take a Stance

There is a great tendency today to simply not take a stance on anything. If one does not take a stance on anything then no one can have anger against us.

The reality is that an approach to skirt the ethical nature of life by avoiding ethical thought is a fairly unhelpful way to live. Being in the world we are constantly faced with ethical choices left and right. Having no ethical thought in any direction isn't the most helpful way to live.

Sometimes in life we must take a stance based on what we believe. What does God have to say on an issue? If God has not spoken are there principles from God's word that we can use.

Sometimes with modern genetic and modern medicine God's will on issues can become a bit foggy. Always the teaching of the Bible is to pray that God will provide wisdom.

The bible is not favorable to those who will not take a stance. It is called lukewarmness by scripture. This is not a compliment in the least.

Taking a stance based on principles is the way the people of scripture are called to live. Whatever the issue our attempt should always be to see if we can approach it in a distinctly Christian way.
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