Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Life Unknown Length

There is a lot of us who say tomorrow we will get right with God. For many years I thought that I would simply push off dealing with certain issues I had about faith.

The reality of it is it is a great foolishness. A lot of people say the end of times are pretty far off.

The reality is that may or may not be true. The end of each of us may or may not be far off.

Another reality is that the decisions that are delayed become harder and hard to make. You rarely see people converted or made right before God late in their lives.

The 11th our conversion is a true experience, but it is uncommon. I believe the reality is that it become psychologically harder to accept God the longer we have rebelled against him.

Of course this is only psychological, not actual, but conversion is a psychological event where a man grasps the true of God. It is a supernatural event for sure, but truly psychological as well.
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