Monday, June 10, 2013

A Church which Has Ceased to Function

The church today at least in the US has in many ways ceased to function. Bonhoeffer wrote against the German church that the grace had become too cheap there.

The forgiveness of sins was handed out at no cost. There is great truth that grace is free but the reality is that forgiveness of sins has always lead to a changed life.

It used to be that when it was seen that a church member lived in sin it was an issue that would be discussed. Now church members live in known sin and the church does not care.

There are of course many churches who do truly wish to follow Jesus, but today fewer and fewer care to listen to his teachings.

The church in the US at many times is a sham of real religion. Let us preach Christ but not care of his teaching.

The reality is that much of the church in the US is simply dead - it has lost a sense of true religion, but it simply is not aware of the case.

The congregation arrives and is fed a diet of morality that cannot preform because they are still dead before the living God. They wish to live as the please under the guise of following God.
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