Monday, June 3, 2013

God Freely Saves

There is an interesting conception of God that seems to widely circulate about how he must in some sense be angry against men. There usually seems to be some corresponding aspect that he is irrationally angry with men and this cannot be resolved.

I guess this error is particularly dangerous because it is a half truth. A lot of half truths are in fact more dangerous than outright lies since they contain something that seems true.

The reality of God's anger or wrath is well documented in the bible, which is the kernel of truth in this view. The reality is in fact that God is not angry unjustly and he has a reason to be angry.

Also and more importantly is that God freely has entered into the solution to the problem. It's not as if God doesn't desire to rectify the alienation between himself and man.

God has actually freely of his own initiative sought a solution the the problem at great cost to himself. The reality of God's love is that it is very great and it is offered very freely, but you must take it on God's terms and in God's way.

The difficulty of course is that few people want God's solution to the issue. The want another solution. Well there are other "solutions" to be tried, but if the bible account is true they will all fail in the end.
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