Thursday, June 27, 2013

God of Covenants

The God of the bible is a God who freely enters into Covenants. A covenant is an agreement between two persons or multiple persons.

The reality is the are at least 5 major covenants the Christian God has entered into with man. The Christian God is often portrayed as a God who does not wish to help men.

This angry God has very little footing in the bible. It is true that God does have anger toward sin, but he has spent a large amount of time speaking to man about how the issues can be resolved.

The final covenant was of course the Father's only son Jesus (himself fully God - there is only one Christian God, but this God consists in 3 persons) entering the world to deal with the issue at great cost to himself.

The reality is that Jesus' teaching is not of much importance in comparison to his life and his death.

The life and the death of Jesus is the ultimate Christian hope, not the beautiful teachings he taught.
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