Thursday, June 6, 2013

Theology shaped by Ethics

A lot of time you meet people and discuss theology with them. You start to wonder why their theology looks so strange and bizarre.

It seems inexplicable at times the vantage points that people hold together. Often times after a while it starts to make sense.

The reality is that a lot of people simply wish to hold on to something. Or they do not wish to comes to terms with some great mistake in the past.

Now they shape their theology around their life choices. The bible would clearly point out their error, but to listen is painful.

The easy path is simply to do some logical hoops and to adjust their theology around their life rather than adjust their life to the teaching of God.

The bible meets us where we are. This is said a lot and it is true. But the flip side is that God now wants to take us on a journey to become a new person.

It seems frightful in a way at first how much God wants to mess with our lives. But the reality is that God actually knows who we are and who we were intended to be.

People spend a lot of time a psychologists many of these people offer great advice. But the reality is the truly great psycologist who can heal the souls of men is God if we will have faith in the life and work of his son Jesus.
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