Saturday, June 1, 2013

True Freedom

The world defines freedom as the ability to do what one pleases or the ability to do what one chooses. A lot of Christians define freedom in the same way.

The definition is not terrible, but I do not think it is correct. The reality is that it causes the ability to sin to be part of the nature of freedom.

God in this definition is hard to see as free. Also it in many ways appears by this definition that man is more free post-fall than pre-fall.

The knowledge of good and evil did not make man more free it rather made him a slave to sin.

I have come to the conclusion that true freedom is the ability to do what pleases God. To be truly free is to follow God.

The reality of life is that man was more free when he simply did not know what evil was to a large extent than when man knew what evil is.

A lot of effort is being poured into attempting to teach people the difference between right and wrong. There is some value here, but I believe the frequency of serious wrong doing out of actual ignorance is very low (claimed ignorance is probably more of an excuse than a reality in general).
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