Thursday, July 18, 2013

Theology and Philosophy and Science

An interesting development in the modern world is the concept that a person cannot rationally assume some beliefs as a foundation for thought.

Philosophy and Science are often attacking religion as having contents outside of science. There are unverifiable elements of religion which cannot be scientifically tested.

The great irony is that all thought needs feed points. You cannot begin with a blank slate and think. We must posit some assumptions and begin to work from them.

Actually there is a great deal of modern philosophy which makes exactly the point that there a presuppositions (things which are assumed beforehand) for all thought. A typical argument form is:

1. List of presuppositions 2. Argument 3. Conclusion

Actually to reject many arguments you may simply reject the assumptions going into them.

For the worldview that is typically stated like this: "All belief must be verified by science." There is an unstated presupposition that all belief systems need all contents to be verified by science.

This presupposition is the error in the system as it is: 1. impossible 2. makes the system incoherent because it cannot be verified by the scientific system.
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