Sunday, December 29, 2013

Love as Debt

Romans 13:8 Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.

I read a secular book recently that suggested that mutual indebtedness is what hold society together. At least in a secular sense this is true.

Our employer owes us a debt of pay and we owe a debt of service. The we are constantly exchanging debts. This money promise for this service, ect...

The bible has an other worldly suspicion of debt. It treats the topic of debt as something to be much more cautious of than the world sees debt.

The bible does not see debt to seek profit in the rosy eyes the world does. So when the bible suggest that there is a debt which is to be always outstanding we should take note.

You see it is in contrast to everything else in scripture. It has been placed in the light to show the importance.

Love is our outstanding debt. You see the importance of love is that it is to flow.

Often the issue in the church is that there are those who give and those who don't. You will find many churches where a handful of people really hold the whole church together.

The church struggles because there are those who love freely and those who just don't care to love. You see if is as if only a few pieces in the machine of the church have oil.

We wonder of the decline of church attendance as a percentage of the population and all we need to do is to see love. I am lucky to have been loved by a few members of the churches I have been in.

I say lucky because there are many members of the church who do not care to show love. In fact most members do not care to show love.

You see growing up in the church my whole life I was fortunate that a few members who really cared invested in my life. I could very well have fallen through the cracks. I ended up in the right small group - I was in a sense lucky.

You see God's hand is really behind all this "luck" and there it was really his will. But love is not flowing in the church.

And the reality is if a person enters the church for the first time it is really haphazard the response the will receive on who the meet. You see many of the best church members seem to wish to church hop.

I think this is in a sense that they feel weary because they give and give but so few people give. You see they are constantly loving but very few return the love.

The love of God needs to overflow into the world and the church needs to find love for its membership. Christians need to start loving each other because God has loved them.

You see we love because God has loved us and it is the overflow of joy in him which produces true fruit. The solution to the churches issues is really quit simple: the church need to find love. Getting there is hard, but what is needed is simple.
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