Friday, December 20, 2013

Perspicuity of Scripture

The bible is a very plain book in many ways (theologians speak of this as the Perspicuity of Scripture). It states that God exists and he has a will and a plan and a specific will for the world.

It has a very basic description of man and his nature. Somehow the church often makes the book very difficult.

Is the OT God and the NT Jesus different? Is hell real? Does God really want sexual purity?

You see all the answers are very plain. Why do we ask questions and cannot read the answer so plainly given.

You see it is this God who our sin is against and nature wishes to rebel against. The book is so hard because we are the people under the curse of sin God says we are and in need of the free grace he offers through faith in his son.

We ask so many questions because we are sinners and do not like he answers given. We object to the bible because we do not like it not because it is unclear.
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