Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Joy based Ethics

The highest form of ethics is based on joy. Joy in God which overflows into the lives of others.

There are many forms of philosophical, religious, and even Christian ethics which fall short of the highest ethic.

"For the joy set before him he endured..." (Hebrews 12:2)

You see Jesus overflowed with joy in his fellowship with the God head. His ethics flowed from joy.

You see many ethical forms try to teach us to do good because of fear. Fear is one of the lowest ethical forms. It has effect but it is really not an ethic at all but a self preservation.

Other forms try to appeal to our sense of right and justice and how do we feel. The bible does teach that there is validity this form and approves of this form. But you see it is not the highest.

Joy in God and the fruit of joy in God is the highest ethic. You once we have studied the whole bible and it's vast teaching we then can some the whole of the law into the word "love." To obey the law is to love God and man.

Why the bible has to spend so much time on specifics is that man does not understand what love is. He thinks all sorts of things are good which are not in God's eyes.

Man often finds these things are not as good as he thought when he gets burned doing them but he rarely realizes that God was in fact right and if he had listened to what God said love was than his life would be better.

We are saved by grace which came joy. We are at our best when we live day by day in the joy of God.
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