Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Believing What We Like

One of the most difficult things in life is believing what we do not like but believe to be true. There are many forms of this issue.

We can be tempted to ignore biblical texts that we do not like. The most common form of redacting the content of the bible is simply to pretend certain texts we don't like don't exist.

There are times we are confronted with things about ourselves we don't like. Our tendency is often to ignore those things.

We always like to think of ourselves as extremely rational. We believe things because we are convinced they are true not because we have emotions or likes or dislikes.

The reality if we are honest is that emotions are a very big part of most people's belief forming process. It takes great discipline to accept truths that we do not like.

I have found certain biblical truths not the most pleasant when I accepted them. Often after assenting to beliefs for a time we realize that they are not just correct but we begin to see that there are deeper reasons for the truths.

In the end we will see that the bible is always right even when it seems to be wrong. And that whatever we find unpleasant in the bible is because we are confused, not God.

God has always had man's joy and happiness at the center of his will. Man is the one who has always been confused about what true joy and happiness is.
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