Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Contending for Faith

The bible tells us to contend for the faith. There is a degree to which the Christian must be willing to fight at least intellectually for his beliefs.

But we are always to love. Love is the Christian virtue. To win without love is not Christian.

Many fields of thought teach charity in debate. Few of those fields practice charity in debate consistently.

As Christians we need to have charity in our debates. We need to love those we debate with and respect them.

You see many intelligent people believe errors. The world often does not act in this way. To disagree with me means you are not intelligent is the common perspective on the street and in the media.

We need to view others we disagree with in a respectful way. "You are wrong but I love you and know that you have many logical reasons for your beliefs" needs to be the way we live.

You see we live by faith. There is strong reason for our faith. But not absolute proof. If it was absolute we would not be living by faith.

The bible says for us to hold onto the faith. And that faith ends in the final day. You see we live by faith from the start to the end of the Christian life.

I believe Christianity is the most sensible belief system. It explains everything, but you see it requires faith.

There is no 100% proof. There is always reason one can doubt and reasonably so. We are not shown everything.

This is why charity is needed. You see every system has reason to have some doubt it in. No system is locked tight with a perfect logical proof.

This may exist but you see we are always so small. Ultimately the bible speaks truthfully about our smallness. It shows us that we are weak and feeble and that is why we cannot understand.

The true psychology of the bible is one of its most interesting proofs. It exposes who we are and that we are not as smart or good or logical as we thought.
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