Sunday, March 16, 2014


Life is often difficult. Sometimes it is difficult because our hard work is easily thrown down the drain.

It is often that many steps of hard work can be thrown away carelessly. Sometimes we are the ones who throw away our hard work.

Sometimes others throw away our hard word. Sometimes it is just disease or the force of nature.

The end reality is always that the world is subject to futility. People feel this is not right.

It should not be such. It was never intended to be such although man in the beginning chose it to be such.

Such is the cost of going against God. To go against God is in futile. We cannot defeat God.

We cannot frustrate him. We cannot slow him down.

At the cross it appeared God had lost, but he had won. Such is life if God has a plan no one can stand in his way.

We can at times avoid the will of God and run and hide for a moment, but we cannot stop the will of an all-powerful God.

Freighting? Not so much if we will trust him. He is good.

But his goodness is conditional to righteousness. Jesus’ righteousness.

He has told us how to obtain it by faith. There are always two choices or two paths.

We can be for God or against God. The choice is simple really if we believe the bibles account of God.

Some people have felt as if God does not want them. But God already says he wishes to bring all those who knock at his door into the kingdom.
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