Monday, March 31, 2014

God as Complete

The Christian faith insists that God is complete. God has nothing he needs of man.

We often live and act as if God has something he needs from us. You see we are very foolish to feel that in some sense we have something which God needs.

The reality is that God does not need us. But he loves us anyway.

You see there is a great freedom knowing that God does not need us but loves us unconditionally. There is no danger that he is using us.

He knows us in our fallen state that we have nothing to offer him and our lives grieve him but he loves us anyway.

You see God is not like mankind. Man often forms and leaves relationships depending on if they make sense.

God says "yes" to all who wish to have a relationship regardless of the sensibility of the relationships. You see of course that no relationship that God enters makes sense to him ultimately.

There is often discussion of the various covenants that God has entered with man. Some are more one sided than others. But you see this often misses the point that no covenant God has entered with man made sense entirely the mindset of benefit to God.

"This is love that while we were still sinners Christ died for us." You see God always transcends in love to meet men in their state at a cost to himself.
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