Saturday, March 8, 2014

Love for Others

Loving others includes caring about what they care about. We need not care about what others care about in the same way they care about things but we should care.

We often see divisions in people for the most strange reasons. You see divisions because people refuse to respect others' hobbies, others' preference in style, others' views on sports or views and interests on many things with no moral aspects.

Interests many times are simply preferences. In many contexts preferences are non-moral in nature. It is human nature to frequently place moral aspects on things which have no moral value.

In the ideal sense what interests others should interest ourselves. Obviously this is very difficult. There is a great diversity of human interest.

Specifically we should at minimum not put down or disrespect what others like. You will see very frequently people dismiss things which they do not care about as boring or stupid.

This is of great disrespect to people. You see fellowship is very difficult when people act as if others are odd for what they like.

You see many people enjoy things which we find quite dull. But it is respect to not view them as odd or unusual for those interests.

It is the nature of the sinful nature of the human heart to judge for the wrong reasons. It is very strange the things people judge others for.

God calls us to judge rightly. And to see things as he does. You see Jesus judge people very differently than the world.

Many people viewed as beyond hope Jesus saw hope in. Many people judged as righteous Jesus saw as mired in sin.

You see righteousness is a response to Jesus as the son of God who entered the world to defeat sin. We need to learn to view the world though faith and see things as God sees them.
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