Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Crowd and Originality

Society always moves as a unit. Each generation views itself as original and well thought.

Each generation is original but it has no understanding of itself. C.S. Lewis spoke of the need of reading old books.

It is not that there are no errors in old books, but the errors of that day are different than our day.

The church almost always has a simplistic critic of its age. There are the hot button issues which occur in society which the church faces but only touch the surface.

But the reality of today is the most important issues the church should face are those in the church. Where is the concern for the poor in the church and were the concern for the oppressed?

Many people fled from conservative churches to find the teachings of social justice that Jesus expounds in the liberal church. But here the gospel of life and death which is of even greater importance is lost.

Error in the church is always like this it is a simplification of scripture. Scripture is always more complex then error.

All the early heresies were oversimplifications of the reality. Almost all errors are either a conscious or unconscious redaction of the truth.

The reality is the truth is more complex, more deep, more real, and more satisfying that the error.

The bible starts with in the beginning “God.” God is here and he has a word for us.

It ends with a warning to add nothing or take nothing away. In the midst of the two bookmarks is a richness which is deeper than any of us can understand.

The truth is beautiful and error in the church almost always an oversimplification of the truth.

The church isn’t impoverished because we have too much to say. We have not too much to say but too little.

If we said all that could be said we would not have the issues we have.

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