Thursday, March 27, 2014

Unconditionally to Love

Love has a great unconditional nature to itself. We are not loved by God because of something in us.

The reason we are loved is always found in God. We cannot see within ourselves the reason God loves us.

We are mired in sin, we have nothing to offer. What have we that God needs?

Such is God one who loves those who are unlovable. We may not see ourselves this way but it is the truth.

We are so far below God not just in degree but quality but he offers love unconditional bought at a great price.

Really the cross is the place were God shows is love in that his son Jesus gave himself for fallen man.

All true love runs downhill from the cross. The cross is the basis for true love.

We love because God first loved us. God loved us for no reason and we should love for no reason also.

We cannot simplify the truth to say we should ignore abuse or ignore how loving others affects us.

The direction of the bible is clear but through is a call for wisdom. There is a time to stand firm in hardship and danger and a time to flee.

Sometimes Paul stood firm in danger and sometimes he fled. Sometimes Jesus confronted error publically and sometimes he spoke about it only more privately with his disciples.

The overall flow of the teaching of scriptures has an absolute nature to it. The details are left to each because each context is unique.

The bible pushes forth the overall specifics of which we are to live and enact in the world. Bu the specifics need to be contextually developed through wisdom.

We are to love the poor and teach others of the glory of being a child of God. But the specifics are left to us since each context is unique and our fulfillment of God’s work will need to be tailored to the context.
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