Tuesday, March 4, 2014


In life ideally we should live by wisdom. You see a lot of the world and even a lot of the church live simply by rules in an unthinking way.

It does not matter if this or that makes sense because the rule is as it is. You see it goes further, it is not simply that the rule is being upheld because it is the current rule.

If this were simply the issue people could look and see the rule has an issue. But people often won't question the rule.

And that is the issue: the rules are unchangeable because we cannot think otherwise and brokenness is unchangeable because broken rules cannot be changed.

It is all absolute. Thought is gone and there is no rational behind action.

Action is easy. It is based upon unthinking principles. It is no wonder the great mess in the world and church. You see so much of life goes on with so little thought.

In the end thinking protects and guards mankind rather than hinders mankind. We would do better as a race if we were all thoughtful rather than living blindly and unquestioningly.

But often we live by rules which are so absolute they allow no wisdom. And that is why the Bible's call to wisdom is important and counter cultural.
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