Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Christianity and Paradox

What is paradox? Paradox is something which is above human understanding. It is not in conflict with human understand but above it.

It stands in contrast to contradiction which is clearly wrong. Paradox stands in a realm where we cannot grasp the truth of paradox but we cannot see that paradox is wrong.

The Christian faith often stands in this realm. Ideas are often above our understanding and we meet realities which are difficult to comprehend.

You see when man meets God he finds a person and being who is different not just in quantity but also quality from himself. God is above the human ability to understand.

In the person of God we meet many paradoxes. He is one God in three persons. He sets the weak in a higher place than the strong. To be first one must be the servant of all.

I could go on but you see God upsets the natural order of things at all times. He always confronts the order of life in this world.

You see any church that fits comfortably into this world had not really grasped the bible. That does not mean any church which is in opposition to the world grasps the bible necessarily as the opposition may not be biblical.

But always the Christian God stands to critique the ways of man. A church with no critique of mankind has not understood the bible.

God's ways our not ours and he has a message to shake up the way man does things. The bible has many messages which shake up the way men prefer to do things.

Not all messages are equally relevant to each day and age, but some message more relevant to certain times and places. But all messages are relevant to mankind.

The modern man is not as unique and advanced as he likes to think. That he thinks he is unique and advanced simply shows he has no perspective on himself and history and he is in need of a lesson from God.
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