Monday, April 7, 2014

Promises of God

It is at times tempting to think God has broken his promises. Maybe we doubt he has provided for us, ect...

I suppose at times it is easy to feel like God has not done what he says he would. Often it is a matter of perspective.

Really we often are in a great confusion. We have confused needs and wants.

We do not have the fancy new gadget and we will surely die. We have not had this or that.

Maybe our lack has been very severe. You see God is always faithful.

Jesus was a man of sorrow well acquainted with grief. He entered into a manager and live a life which was very ascetic.

Many of his followers did the say. And yet his followers heard his promises and did not doubt them as if beatings, shipwreck, nakedness, famine and sword did not invalidate God's promises.

Why? You see they looked at the situation spiritually. God had provided them an infinite reward and they faced temporal sufferings.

It was a matter of perspective. Life in the present was very “bear” and eternity very “bull” to use financial terms.
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