Tuesday, May 27, 2014

God and Sinful Man

Often today Christian thinkers scoff at the phrase that "God hates sin and loves the sinner." It is too simple.

The reality is that in the current day we make the bible more complex than it is. We cannot understand the bible because we think ourselves out of understanding.

The bible always affirms that God hates sin and stands in opposition to it. It always affirms the eternal realities at stake in life.

And yet the bible always affirms that God takes no pleasure in those who will not repent and wishes to draw all people to himself.

You see many people wish to deny the truth of these points. We often meet two truths clearly stated in scripture and decide which we will pick. You see we say "no" to much of scriptural teaching rather than simply saying "yes" to all of scripture.

We are often stuck in an either/or when we should see God is teaching the reality of a both/and. God's desire to bring all people to himself and his will of an eternal reality based on faith or rejection of Jesus is always affirmed.

Often the issue is that we out think what is so clearly stated. The teaching of scripture is often only hard because we make it so.
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