Sunday, May 4, 2014

God Speaking to Us

The Christian God is a God who loves to speak. He does so through scripture, through preaching, through other believers, and even through unbelievers in our lives.

God does not always give us the answer of which way to turn. Sometimes he is more silent opening and closing doors in our lives.

However God is often speaking to us in many small things. He is often a still small voice in our life.

We have to want to hear God to hear what he has to say. If we come to scripture and do not attend to its contents we will not hear God's word.

We will not understand a sermon or wise council if we do not care to hear. It is often we see a preacher completely miss the entire point of a text.

Maybe an entire text is about giving and the poor and the preacher finds something else to preach on. Often we only hear what we want to hear.

If we do not come open to learn from God we usually find what we already wanted to learn from the world. We only see what we wish to see in life at many times.
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