Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Our Wealth

What does our wealth consist in? What is important above all things?

Whatever our answer is it is important to be honest. You see we often know what the "right" answer is. But what is our truthful answer?

You see if something is wrong we can only fix it if we are honest about the situation. If we simply give the correct response without thought we have not evaluated the situation.

Of course our wealth consists in our relationship to God. God is our inheritance. Our relationship as children of God is the most important good any Christian can have.

God above all is our inheritance. The bible says many things which the Christian will inherit, but God himself is the most precious.

You see if we gain the whole world, but do not have God we have nothing. That is why the material joy of heaven perfected as it is falls short of God himself.

All that is good in the world is a taste of the even greater goodness found in God. Taste and see that the Lord is good is the challenge of scripture.
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