Thursday, May 8, 2014

Weighty Matters

Recently I heard a criticism of a head of state/theologian from the past that he sometimes neglected church because of pressing issues. To be fair I am not extremely familiar with the statesman/theologian but the criticism struck me as wrong at least without a fair degree of nuance.

You see if we make a claim that someone has erred because they failed to do this or that sometimes it is simply helpful to look at scripture to see accuracy. You see of course that Jesus was criticized in many ways for something similar that he refused to not work on the Sabbath.

Of course I do not mean to suggest that man should in general work on the Sabbath and minimize the day. Or to suggest that Jesus did not take a theology of Sabbath seriously.

You see there is a need for a priority of things in life. The bible has many commands and many principles. There can be a certain friction at times if we refuse to think.

You see this is why the bible has a constant call to wisdom. It is not that there is anything wrong with the law of God in itself. You see it is the nature of living in a fallen world.

In professional work we always hear a call to prioritize. There are many important things but not all are of the same urgency. But you see we do not see this in much of Christian religion of the current time.

You see wisdom in a sense is a prioritizing of spiritual priorities. You see Jesus understood that the keeping of the Sabbath in a specifically ridged way was not always as important as love.

It is not ideal to work on the Sabbath but often it is right in a certain circumstance. You see we need to always think and allow for a faith which allows wisdom. So much theology is in a box today.

May we have eyes to see that wisdom is needed and a desire to understand the world in a way which requires us to use wisdom. You see we often simplify religion so much that we no longer need wisdom. And we have erred in doing so.
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