Sunday, June 29, 2014

Good Theology is Lived Theology

It is not uncommon to find that an advanced degree in Theology, even at an institution which holds firm to seeking truth, has the affect of causing the person who has the degree to become a worse Theologian. Usually theological study if it is biblical is helpful but there are multiple issues.

The first is that the ability to interpret scripture is what is important, not the degree. Some young theologians with a masters fall back into Greek to defend positions in arguments. Of course you see they are struggling to explain what the Greek means off the top of their head.

You see they usually cannot understand Greek apart from their hubris that they feel they can. They simply are repeating what they think others have said.

The reality is that the piece of paper which represents the degree easily presents an opportunity for pride. The theologian with his degree is not clearly more skilled in theology than any studied person without a degree.

Of course study in the right way where truth is learned and applied in life with humility is a blessing. But theology is something which is lived. Theology which does not produce good fruit is worthless theology.

You will find many well read people in a church that know more theology than the person with a degree. One is a good theologian if one faithfully understands and applies the word of God.

The degree is only a means to an end. But it has no necessary relation between the degree and the quality of one's theology. You see someone with a degree who cannot set aside their pride or does not submit the teaching of scripture when they are wrong is a poor theologian.

We are very often in the wrong when we read the bible and need to admit to God we are wrong. Humility is the mark of a good theologian. A systematic study at a university is only a means to an end. The truth of if the study was of use will be determined by the ability of the studier to faithfully explain and live out their faith.
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