Saturday, June 7, 2014

Theology and Time

Theology is the study of God. God is a being outside of time. Time is a created thing.

The bible starts and God is. Then he begins creation. You see many Theologies wish to place an emphasis on time or base observations upon time.

There is a truth that God reveals himself in time and is aware of the order of revelation. But an over emphasis on time is almost always unhelpful.

You see the nature of God is that he is outside of time. His revelation in time is progressive but he is not. He is not inside time.

In a sense he entered into time as his son Jesus eternally God and Man entered into history and took on human flesh. But you see Jesus is a figure who transcends time. His work breaks down the limits of time.

You see Israel's faith is a forward looking faith that is based on a promise. They are saved by believing in the promise which is Jesus.

You today we are saved by looking back but it is all the same event. Often people wish to get around the fact of Israel being saved by looking forward to the cross.

This or that is how they are saved. You see the reality is always that we are saved by trusting in the promise of God and what he says he will do.

Israel looked forward to a promise of a future event that was described in detail but not easily understood. We look back to an event in history which is described in great detail but easily rejected.

Always we are saved by faith and live by faith and walk by faith. We never get past faith.
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