Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Understanding of Events in Life

Often we do not understand life. Events do not make sense. Does God really have a will in the world?

One thing is that the will of God is often used in the singular as if God has one will. People act as if God could not have multiple wills in the same event for different people.

Often God's will is mysterious. He does things and you will not know why. Sometimes you may get a clue many years later, but often not.

You see that is what faith is. We are not shown everything. Living by faith always requires trust. That is why love will continue in the last day and faith will not.

We will never know everything in this life and an obsession with knowing everything is unhealthy. We have to trust God even when Life does not make sense.

It can seem unfair to trust God when it does not make sense, but God offered us forgiveness when it did not make sense.

God loves us and treats us with love but we often do not see it. You see we look at a tiny part of the picture. We are too close to see what is going on most of the time.

It is helpful as the saying goes to look at the forest rather than the trees at times. In the moment of life we are amidst the trees.

Sometimes years later we have distance to see the forest and not the trees but often the distance is only in the life to come. We live day by day by faith. We never get past faith.
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