Thursday, June 12, 2014

Where the Bible is Silent

The Bible is silent on many topics which many churches have strong stances on. It is a theological travesty of sorts that the church takes strong stances on issues which the bible does not take stances on.

I am not speaking of issues which arise out of modern technology that were not applicable to the biblical day but on topics which were equally applicable to the biblical day, but the bible takes no stance on.

An interesting topic is education. It is held as a sacred truth in many churches that Christian education is really the only legitimate choice for education.

You can see the great frustration and exasperation growing on people if you even suggest that the local public school might have some benefits to students (i.e. interacting with people of other faiths, interacting with people of different income levels, and in a few communities possibly higher quality education for some students).

The whole point is not if Christian education or public education is superior in general. The whole argument is worthless since public education varies wildly and Christian education varies wildly. The point is the horror with which many in the Church view the idea of considering the possibility that public education in some areas may have benefits.

To me it is a travesty that many churches take such a strong view on something which the bible takes no position on. While members in these churches can ask questions freely if we have any obligation to attempt to help the poor in other countries and no one bats an eye.

Often such lack of concern for the bible is phrased in the terms of are we really being helpful or just hurting the poor. The question is asked and then the answers is "we don't know" and then the solution is "we will not help the poor."

It is a great shame how the church in the current day often has great concern for things the bible has no concern for and the church has no concern for some of the most major ethical concerns of the bible.
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