Sunday, July 20, 2014

Faith is not simply Intellectual Assent

Faith Is Not Simply Intellectual Assent Faith is not simply intellectual assent. Faith involves accepting the claims of Jesus intellectually but it is far deeper. You see there are many things we accept in life which have no affect on us.

Many pieces of information we learn have no affect on us. We believe they are true but they make no difference on our life. You see many high school students ask in classes what practical value the information has. Usually the high school students are simply missing the value of the information presented, but the fact is true there can be information learned which has no affect on one's life.

If our acceptance of Christianity has no affect on our life then something is profoundly wrong. The Christian faith should have a profound affect on our life.

Of course it is common for sincere Christians to doubt God's love for them. A person who is concerned if God loves them usually is a child of God. It is usually a sign of a weak faith or a strong faith which has gone through a difficult time.

Usually the sort of intellectual assent which is not faith does not care about Christianity. It accepts the claims of Christianity and moves on unchanged. It does not care that there is no evidence of change in their life.

True faith has an appreciation for what God has done. It is active and transforms the person. It reaches out into the world to live out its faith day by day.
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