Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Take a moment and think of the key elements which you see in heaven. What are they and what is the most important element?

Is the most important element God? Is he on the list?

The bible describes many of the joys to be found in heaven. God is of course the chief joy in heaven.

It is always of some concern to meet Christians who speak of heaven in many glowing terms but God is absent from the speech. It is almost as if heaven is a delayed form of prosperity gospel where we are rewarded with material gifts for obedience.

It is true of course the bible presents heaven as a material world filled with material beauty and we have glorified material bodies. But it all pales in comparison to God.

God is our inheritance. We miss the great joy of Christian religion in this life when we forget that Christianity is about joy in relationship with God.

We are co-heirs with Christ and adopted into God's family. Only God can satisfy our deepest needs.
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