Monday, August 4, 2014

Being Defeated by Error

Often we are defeated by error because we avoid it too greatly. We see an error and over reach and now we are in an unbalanced position because we have moved too far from the error and our now out of balance.

You see this in many churches which perceive an issue in culture, where the church swings in opposition to the culture into a position far stronger than the Bible takes. They of course see themselves as adhering the Bible, but often the movement is too severe.

In many circles there is a mild gnosticism related to many aspects of life which is stronger than the biblical teachings on issues. The concern for being separate from the world can often push the church into a mild legalism which is not affirmed by scripture.

Scripture often offers liberty on many viewpoints which many modern churches do not allow liberty on. Often the liberty infringed upon in these churches is more subtle.

You know what the church thinks of those who would have liberty on the issue. It creates a great awkwardness in the church.

In leadership of the church it often causes many of the more spiritual infants of the church to be pushed into leadership. These Christians lack the spiritual growth to understand what liberty is and thus live in a very simple way which no one can question.

Of course they also often lack an active faith. Often the church values the faith of those who are too afraid of sin to act in the world over those who desire to both act in the world and avoid sin.
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