Saturday, August 9, 2014

Biblical Miracles

Certain people have had difficulty with the concept of biblical miracles because they seem to violate or pass around the laws of nature. It is as if the laws of nature are an absolute which cannot be changed.

Of course the teaching of scripture is that in the beginning there was nothing. You see the idea of the laws of nature being distinct from creation is completely un-biblical. God created and continues to uphold all of the universe.

The laws of nature are a product of God's creative power. He chose how the world works. And he can as Creator choose at any moment to suspend or pass around those laws at his pleasure.

Often man gets bent up about biblical principles and objects against them because he does not like them. Miracles are impossible because of this or that many say. Miracles prove that Christianity is an incoherent system some say.

The reality is that from start to finish Christianity is a coherent system of belief. You cannot reject Christianity because miracles disprove Christianity, because the existence of the Christian God would entail the possibility of miracles.

It is often the case that most objections against Christianity and why the religion is "not possible" all fail once we understand the nature of the Christian God, the nature of man, and the relation of God and man. Of course understanding these things does not prove Christianity to the skeptic, but most objections to Christianity simply miss understanding the Christian message on issues.

Often people find a quick objection which "defeats" Christianity and move on because they do not like what it says about humanity. Humanity tends to be painted in Christianity in a far too dark light for most people's liking. Many people feel that man is naturally good and we really don't like the morbidity of the religion.

Of course if we take a realistic view of the state of the world and all that goes on in it we will see that Christianity paints an accurate picture of mankind. Man as a race is not nearly as good as he wishes he was.

Sometimes there are excuses that this or that is the fault of man's issues. There can be truth that certain societal or economic factors intensify the issues of mankind. Ultimately, however, there is nothing apart from God that really changes the heart of mankind to make it good.
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