Tuesday, August 12, 2014

God Gives Direction

The Bible frequently speaks of God as a still small voice. Amid the hustle and bustle of life we often never hear God. It is not that God does not try to speak, but we often are not looking to listen.

God has a great deal to say to us in scripture and often speaks to us through fellow creatures. It is often that we do not hear God because we do not listen.

Of course there are many times we earnestly seek God's will and do not find the answers. You see sometimes God requires patience of us. If we were given all the answers we would not need to learn patience through trust.

You see it takes faith to listen for the still small voice of God in whatever form it comes. And faith to accept that sometimes God leaves us for a time without the answers to questions we wish we knew.

Often we wonder why certain things happened in life. Sometimes we learn the answers to the questions and sometimes we do not. You see although we cannot find the answer for why this or that has happened and it is difficult for us we need to still have faith in the goodness of God.

God looks at our lives from the perspective of eternity. He knows far more about what we need than we do. It is his divine wisdom by which he shows us answers or hides answers from us.

God loves us and we often are tempted to think that he does not at times. We never get past faith in life. It is not a sign of a weak faith that there are times of doubt. A weak faith doubts more easily than a strong faith, but many of the great heroes of the Bible doubted.

God knows we doubt and cares for us. Life can be a struggle, but God is for us even when we find life and faith difficult.
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