Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Church and the World

The Church always needs to adjust to the world. The Church and the world are never in harmony. A Christendom is only possible when the Church loses its vision in the world.

The response of the church to the world and engagement of the church to the world will always look different. But the church does need to engage the world and be in the world to some degree.

The call of scripture is to be "in the world, but not of the world." The most key words to many churches today is "in" the world. Many churches pull back from the world to a degree that they fail to really be "in" the world.

We must be active participants in society and are not called to isolate ourselves from society. Of course we must not be "of" the world. It is a great balance.

Most theological error is to pick one part of the bible and neglect another. You see much of the Christian teaching on life is a balance. Most error in relation to the bible is to affirm one teaching to the degree of in essence rejecting the other teaching.

The constant call of scripture to wisdom is because balance is needed in many things. Thought and prayer and wisdom are needed because there are many ways to become unbalanced in life.

We will fail fairly frequently in life. God knows this and loves us anyway. If we do not think we fail we have not understood the weight of the law of God. We constantly fail in life whether we admit it or not.
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