Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Creator and Ethics

It is at times charged by some thinkers that if God exists (even the Christian God) then God is unjust. Usually the objection is based upon the problem of evil or some sense of anger against heaven and hell.

All the objections usually miss multiple facts. First and primarily we are a creation of the living God. We exist only because of God. It is not as if God imposes his will on man who exists independent of God.

No man is completely independent of God. Without God man never would have existed and the teaching of scripture is that at each and every moment the world is upheld by the power of God's will. You see the world exists at each and every moment only because God wills that it exist.

It is the great folly of man to think he can stand against God or judge God. God created man and upholds his existence at every moment.

For the objections against the character of God, man in each case often denies the fact that man has brought these troubles upon himself. Man also rejects the fact that God has and continues to attempt to draw men to himself.

God actively pursues man in his fallen state. God constantly wishes to draw man to himself. You see man frequently pushes God away. Man does not want to be helped because he is proud enough to think he does not need help.

In the church you often find many people who are aware of their issues and don't seem to have things together. The reason they are in the church of course is that they are aware of their issues.

A great many people who seem to have their lives together really have their lives in shambles. Ultimately man is not nearly as good or put together as man thinks.

It is a lack of understanding of man's nature that leads to the power of the objections against God. If man is who the bible says he is, a creature created and sustained by God who rebelled and willfully rejects God's help, then any objections against God are hard to accept.
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