Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Sincerest Form of Worship

The sincerest form of worship is to wish to be like Jesus. We can sing praises to God and attend many events of the right sort and do all sorts of things, but these all fall short of the highest form of worship. They are critical to worship, but not the highest form.

The highest form of worship is to desire to be like Jesus. You see he commands that we love others as he has loved us. To desire to imitate and be like Jesus is the highest form of worship.

Often we think that worship is singing or maybe the entire service on a Sunday morning. The reality is that worship should be all of life. Whatever we do we should do to God.

There is not an inch of the earth over which God does not claim sovereign reign. Each moment we should live to God.

We will of course fail. The bible has no rosy-eyed view of human nature. The bible everywhere presupposes that Christians fail and need to repent. Most of the biblical hero's failed at one point or another in various ways.

You see the bible is realistic. God comes to save mankind and he knows exactly how bad the condition of man is. God is under no false delusions of what he is getting himself into in saving and then slowly sanctifying men.

Much of the church expects progress of a degree which is nearly impossible. Usually they find the progress by failing to understand the degree of the law.

By anticipating great holiness in life past what is reasonable they do not create real holiness but rather re-define holiness into something far less radical than it is.

We are saved by grace and each moment live by grace past, present, and future.
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