Sunday, August 31, 2014

Truth and Convenience

At times truth is inconvenient. We find that truth can make us go out of our way or force us to do things we do not wish to do.

We often like to have things our way. But truth is not dependant on our personal preference. We often act as if truth is based upon what we like. This is not totally wrong as the golden rule exists upon the principle of doing to others what you would like done to yourself.

But often we find that the truth of things and what we like are in tension. The tension may be major or minor but often the tension needs to exist by accepting that what we like and what is true are not in agreement.

Often when we accept this we find that our mind comes to see why the truth found in scripture is correct. We see things from a limited perspective and through a cultural lens. We do not see the big picture.

We are often too close to the problems of life to adequately understand reality. We often make inferences from examples in life which do not follow.

It is easy from our limited perspective to not grasp the ultimate significance of things. We live in the moment and often cannot see what will happen past tomorrow.

Often we question the wisdom of God based on what we see today. We of course lack the eternal perspective of God who sees everything in our lives from start to finish and how our lives weave in and out of the lives of others.

Sometimes we do not like truth because we forget that not everything is about us. We forget that sometimes it is better to serve than to be served. Sometimes it is better if others have it their way and we do not get our way but we usually lack the perspective to understand this.
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