Thursday, September 4, 2014

Endless Questions

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Michelle Dowell, Contributor

One way questions are used in a way that is more harmful than helpful in theology is when they are endless.

After asking questions, at some point a person needs to come to a conclusion or take the information they have found and for that day decide what they themselves believe on the topic, even if it's that there isn't much knowledge on the topic.

It's impossible for a person to truly think about things if he or she is only ever asking for someone else's opinion or researching. That person needs to think about the facts and make a decision, even if it's one that isn't popular. It takes courage sometimes to stop asking questions and instead believe or make a choice.

And often people who keep asking the same questions over and over again in different forms are not comfortable with the fact that life is not perfect and we, as humans, won't be able to answer every question. (1 Corinthians 13:12 )

We need to have faith that even though we don't know everything, God does. And that's all that matters. Questions are great but when we can't find the answers after searching and thinking, we need to decide that it's okay.

Something we don't understand today might make sense later. We are going through the process of sanctification, which means that over time we are growing in the faith. There are so many things to learn and improve on in this life, and little by little we are growing and learning as God shows us and teaches us in various ways around us. In the meantime, we may need to be patient.
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