Friday, September 19, 2014


Often it is easy to feel discouraged looking upon the state of segments of the church. But often we are only one step away from a healthy church.

You find many groups in the bible in the depths of folly and then the word of God comes and they repent. You see it is only one moment that separates Paul who persecuted the church from the Paul who spread the gospels with all his might.

The moment is a meeting of Jesus at the foot of the cross. Each moment even the darkest fallen person is only one step away from glory if they look to God and admit they are in need.

God asks that we come to him. It is easy to feel discouraged looking at the state of things, but for each individual who is in need of God (whether they know it or not) they are only one moment away from forgiveness.

Revival is repentance and conversion on a large scale. Often people reject revival because certain groups misunderstand revival and see it happen when it does not. The term often is misunderstood, but the reality that God has and often does work on a large scale is undeniable.

Often in theology we irrationally wish to reject ideas because certain people have articulated them very poorly or completely misunderstood the ideas. It is not that something is wrong with the ideas but it's something wrong with us that we would wish to reject ideas simply because we do not like the teaching of many who express the ideas.

May God grant us revival where it is needed in the current day.

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